A Canadian company, Primex was created in 2000 to provide quality goods and services to The Department of National Defence and other Government Agencies. Primex provides DND with cost effective services of niche market companies that are not large enough or do not want the challenges associated with dealing with a government bureaucracy. Primex provides the necessary project management, technical expertise and logistic support to enable these companies to compete effectively. Primex primes the bid and also provides the marketing and after sales support that is so necessary for Canada’s Military. Primex carefully selects the companies that we represent to ensure that they share the same views of quality, service and integrity at a fair value. Primex also provides after-sales support and repair for every product or service we sell.

Why Primex

  • Solution Centric
  • Adaptive Integrations
  • Fast Response
  • Quality Equipment
  • Extensive Experience