B-30 BenchPrimex enjoys an excellent reputation for the Repair and Overhaul (R&O) of not only all the equipment we sell, but for many types of equipment sold by others as well. The R&O business requires a fast-responding, adaptive thinking, flexible labour force that is focused on getting the equipment back in to service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We use only factory-trained technicians who are properly qualified to perform the work. Our plant is also conveniently located in a large industrial park that has easy truck access for transportation and contains many small businesses that provide a wealth of talent, expertise, manufacturing and repair capability right at our doorstep.

We take pride in providing service for off-shore partners to ensure their products are well received by our Canadian customers.

Primex has a versatile repair facility with experienced, skilled technical staff that can service and repair equipment from refrigeration to electronics to diesel engines and much more.